Stronger Together US 2020 Year-End Message

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Stronger Together US is a collaborative program for the fresh produce and wine grapes industries, designed to recognize and reward responsible recruitment practices that increase the supply of ethically sourced labor and reduce risks for workers and businesses.

As 2020 draws to a close, it is an opportunity to reflect on the past year of our program. We have been honored to meet and work with many people in the business and civil society communities who share a passion for ensuring farm workers have access to decent jobs and that US produce continues to thrive.

Our experience leads us to some observations that we want to share and take as motivation for the program’s future direction into 2021 and beyond.

  • Responsible recruitment is an important issue; the industry needs farm workers to be secure and safe in their jobs and able to return season after season. Yet, responsible recruitment is but one of many issues competing for prioritization. Dealing with the pandemic this year has become a core concern for many businesses. Responsible recruitment has not been at the top of the list for management’s attention.
  • Good employers – those who communicate well and offer attractive benefits – will continue to have loyal workers in good times and bad times. Employers that already had people-focused policies and practices pre-pandemic were better positioned to attract and retain workers. This year has spotlighted why retention matters – employers with higher retention rates have been able to stay on track with their business goals.
  • Buyers identify that raising awareness is a critical activity. There is still a great need to communicate the benefits of responsible recruitment and the risks that exist without it.
  • Across the board, groups are calling for improved government policy and enforcement of labor laws.

These observations illustrate why our ethos of collaboration and partnership are so vital to the work of creating a demand for responsible recruitment. There are many moving parts to our program, all designed to foster collaboration on this issue. Our activities this year included a range of informative, connective, educational, and co-creation events. We also responded to the public health emergency by bringing together experts on Covid-19 to explore and share how businesses were adapting.

Our core activities this year included the following:  

We encourage everyone to review these resources and more on our website; we hope they are valuable in your own work. As we continue to navigate our way in these unpreceded times, we would like to acknowledge and thank the partners and stakeholders that have shared so much time and expertise with us and have helped us shape and inform our program activities. We look forward to building even stronger relationships in the new year. Happy and safe Holidays to you and yours. 

Warm wishes,

The Stronger Together US Team


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