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Stronger Together South Africa

Stronger Together’s programme in South Africa is delivered in partnership with the Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association (WIETA) and the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA) and is supported by prominent industry leaders across the supply chain including global and national retailers and exporters and importers. The programme was established in May 2017 to support South African agri-businesses to address the risk of forced labour within their businesses and supply chains. The UK Home Office Modern Slavery Innovation Fund funded the first two years of the programme and in 2019 awarded funding for another two years.

An estimated 24.9 million people are in situations of forced labour globally today and the agriculture sector is a sector with a high risk of labour exploitation due to a number of contributing factors. However, many businesses within this sector are not aware of, or able to address this exploitation that may be taking place within their businesses and supply chains today.

Through free dual-language (Afrikaans & English) training and practical resources this programme equips agri-businesses:

  • With the knowledge to understand what forced labour is and how to spot the signs
  • With the skills, and tools to address forced labour risks and vulnerabilities within their operations
  • To implement responsible labour management practices to address forced labour risks
  • To implement a response plan should any form of forced labour be suspected or found.

Download the South Africa Overview to see what the initiative has achieved in the first two years.

Organisations and businesses involved in the supply chain of agricultural produce from South Africa to national or international markets can get involved by:

  • Referring to and supporting your producers to engage with the programme by attending the training and using the free resources
  • Contributing to the programme by becoming a partner.

Contact us to find out more.

Report exploitation

Contact details of organisations to report suspicions of/or forced labour exploitation to:

  • The South African National Human Trafficking Resource Line: Contact: 0800 222 777 |
    The South Africa National Human Trafficking Resource Line is able to assist with any queries from either producer or farm management as well as from potential victims of forced labour themselves.
  • The Salvation Army: Toll-free number: 08000 RESCU (73728) |

Always call the police in an emergency.

Download this information as a PDF in English or Afrikaans.


A range of free interactive webinars are available to support agri-businesses in South Africa. Book your place on an upcoming session, or listen again to previous sessions.


Register on our website now to download our free resources, book onto an interactive training workshop and to stay in touch with us via our email newsletters and training updates.


Register your interest for becoming a partner organisation for Stronger Together South Africa programme.

Arrange Bespoke Training

Stronger Together offers in-house training and consultancy services to meet your organisation’s specific needs, and support you to tackle modern day slavery within your business and supply chains. Our training and support are delivered in any business, in any sector, in any country, by our network of expert trainers, consultants and lawyers. Find out more.

Available training View All

Some of our available resources View All

  • Detecting, Deterring and Dealing with Forced Labour Toolkit – South Africa (English)

  • Die hantering van moderne slawerny in besighede Hulpmiddels vir Suid-Afrikaanse Vrugte- en Wynprodusente (South Africa, Afrikaans)

  • Kontakbesonderhede Vir Aanmelding Van Moderne Slawerny Misbruik en Ondersteuning Vir Slagoffers (South Africa, Afrikaans)

  • Contact Details for Reporting Suspicion of/or Modern Slavery Exploitation (South Africa, English)

  • South Africa A4 Worker Poster – English

  • South Africa A4 Worker Poster – Afrikaans

  • South Africa A4 Worker Poster – Xhosa

  • Stronger Together Tackling Forced Labour in Agri-Businesses – South Africa – Workshop Flyer

  • Eyes Wide Open (Afrikaans) – Video

  • Eyes Wide Open (English) – Video

Programme Development Partners

The Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) represents the wine industry in actively promoting ethical trade in their value chain. They are a multi-stakeholder, non-profit, membership organisation that supports producers through capacity building and audits to assess compliance with the WIETA code of good practice.

The Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA) is a non-profit membership organisation, aimed at enabling South African Agriculture to be a global leader in sustainable, ethical trade and environmental stewardship. It is a holistic programme that identifies problems that may exist and responds with appropriate support and interventions.