Stronger Together is an impact driven, not for profit organisation providing businesses with practical training, resources, business services and collaborative programmes in order to create a world where all workers are recruited responsibly and have fair work free from exploitation.

Our story

In 2004, a TV exposé revealed widespread exploitation of migrant workers supplied by a recruitment business to a UK fruit processing plant and other factories. At the time, the UK business community had limited understanding and knowledge of this model of exploitation, or what they could or should do about it.

Our founder David Camp began working in the sector to support businesses to put systems in place to prevent this hidden labour exploitation. But what became clear was that this was happening on a large scale, with what seemed to be a network of exploiters controlling workers for their own gain.

It was clear something needed to happen, a large-scale problem required a large-scale solution. David approached UK supermarkets with his idea, five retailers joined and in 2013, Stronger Together was born – a collaborative programme and one-stop shop for businesses to get the advice they need to protect their business and their workers from hidden labour exploitation.

Soon the programme was supported by valued stakeholders across the supply chain.


Since 2013, our footprint and mission have grown. Today Stronger Together works in three continents and across multiple sectors, with many organisations, and with a wider vision of a world where all workers are recruited responsibly and have fair work, free from exploitation.

We are an impact driven, not for profit organisation. We design and deliver a wide range of business-friendly, high quality, open-source free resources, cost-effective interactive training opportunities, digital tools, and audit and certification services for businesses. We establish collaborative programmes, as well as deliver bespoke solutions for the private sector and wider organisations.

Our experience 

Our subject matter and sector expertise enable us to respond directly to your business’s needs across the spectrum of responsible recruitment and fair work – with our continued specialism in tackling hidden labour exploitation. Our global team brings a variety of direct business experience, from a range of sectors and across various functions (ethical trade, sustainability, HR, procurement, supply chain management and more) coupled with relevant third-sector experience bringing a unique perspective to our work and service offerings.

Our approach 

We help you identify your business’s and supply chain’s biggest challenges and deliver practical solutions to support you to improve and demonstrate your good practice. Combining established international standards and methodologies with innovative solutions we work to drive effective human rights due diligence in global supply chains. To bring the holistic change we are looking for, in addition to our focus on business solutions, we work with multiple stakeholders including response and remedy providers, civil society organisations, law enforcement and government. At the heart of what we do are the jobseekers and workers for whom we want to make a difference.

Contact us if you want support to implement, embed, oversee or demonstrate responsible recruitment and fair work, and to mitigate labour exploitation in your operations and supply chains.

We are Stronger Together.