Business partners are organisations that have uploaded evidence to publicly demonstrate their commitment to tackling hidden labour exploitation and as such may use the Stronger Together Business Partner logo in their business materials. Evidence uploaded is a voluntary disclosure of commitment and Stronger Together does not validate this information and will not comment or enter into dialogue on any individual business.

For details of how to become a Stronger Together Business Partner click here. Listed below are the current Stronger Together Business Partners. Click on any organisation to view their evidence

A commitment should not be treated as evidence that a company that requires a GLAA licence is compliant with the required standards. This commitment will not be treated as evidence of compliance nor prevent a licence being revoked if evidence of non-compliance is obtained by the GLAA. In addition, it will not prevent investigations in relation to any unlicensed supply or worker exploitation being conducted nor provide evidence that a company has exercised due diligence if prosecution is to be considered by any relevant department or organisation. Organisations should consult the GLAA’s public register for information on the current status of a licence, sign up for the GLAA’s active check service, and exercise due diligence in seeking further information from labour suppliers if they are notified that a GLAA inspection has occurred via the “active check service".

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