Business Partners are businesses that have uploaded evidence to publicly demonstrate their commitment to tackling hidden labour exploitation and as such may use the Stronger Together Business Partner logo in their business materials. Evidence uploaded is a voluntary disclosure of commitment. Stronger Together does not validate this information and will not comment or enter into dialogue on any individual business.

For details of how to become a Stronger Together Business Partner click here.

Overview of Business Partner levels:

Business Partner: a business that has provided evidence for all Business Partner criteria.

Business Partner Advanced: a business that has provided evidence for all Business Partner criteria and demonstrates advanced* implementation of Stronger Together’s recommended good practice for tackling hidden labour exploitation.

Verified Partner: an independent assessment has been conducted within the last three years to verify implementation of the good practice declared.

*The business has attended one of Stronger Together’s advanced training courses and scores 70% and above on the Good Practice Implementation Checklist or 60% and above on the Progress Reporting Tool.

A Business Partner status should not be treated as evidence of compliance with any relevant legal licensing or conformance with industry certification.

Listed below are the current Stronger Together Business Partners. Click on any organisation to view their evidence.

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