Stronger Together US – Responsible Recruitment Program

Our vision is an ethical recruitment industry that serves the needs of workers and employers.

American produce relies on hundreds of thousands of workers to plant the fields, tend the crops, harvest the produce and pack it for markets both here and abroad. Given current labor shortages, responsible recruitment of workers is critical to achieving commercial goals, delivering an exceptional job seeker experience, and enabling the industry to thrive.

Our multi-stakeholder collaborative program seeks to motivate the US fresh produce sector to recognize and reward responsible recruitment, thereby boosting the supply of ethically sourced labor and reducing risks for workers and businesses across the labor supply chain. We invite stakeholders active in the US produce industry to partner with us.

What’s NEW:

  • News: First Farm Labor Contractors (FLCs) in the U.S. achieve Clearview Certification for Responsible Recruitment Practices. Read more
  • Labor Provider Good Practice Implementation Checklist: An interactive checklist that FLCs, labor providers, and recruitment businesses can use to ensure that hidden labor exploitation is not taking place in their business and supply chains. Download for free
  • Stronger Together Mexico: We are proud to announce our partnership in Periplo, a project powered by Fundación Avina that aims to contribute to the creation of a more equitable labor migration system in the agricultural supply chain between the United States and Mexico. Learn more

Get involved: 

  • Watch our webinars: from our series dedicated to exploring topical issues impacting the U.S. produce industry supply chain. Live and interactive a variety of speakers are brought together with deep expertise in labor supply management, crisis and risk management, migrant worker risks, health and safety, communications and more. Find out more. 
  • Acess the Responsible Recruitment Tool (RRT) for US Fresh Produce Businesses: providing support for US fresh produce farm labor contractors, labor recruiters and growers to implement, demonstrate and be recognized for responsible recruitment. Read the press release and go to Responsible Recruitment Toolkit US web page to find out more and register.
  • Build capacity where needed: Promote the program to your supply or labor chain, and share the program’s free resources with your business and supply chain partners
  • Be part of our knowledge hub: Join our Stakeholder Forum, a support network for sharing challenges & best practices with peers and experts
  • Demonstrate leadership: Become a public sponsor of the program, sending a market signal on the importance of responsible recruitment.
  • Social compliance certification scheme for Farm Labor Contractors. Click here to find out more. 

Stronger Together recognizes that, to enable collective action and reach scale, responsible recruitment work must be business-friendly and solutions-oriented. Our targets are to:

  • Facilitate stakeholder dialogue and cooperation on an industry framework to promote responsible recruitment
  • Equip business with knowledge, materials, and tools specific to the US produce industry to either implement, demonstrate or oversee responsible recruitment and forced labor prevention in the supply and labor chain
  • Demonstrate the business case for independent certification of farm labor contractors in the US by our partner Clearview.

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New 'Introduction to Responsible Recruitment in US Fresh Produce' training workshops to support businesses to understand the risks, responsibilities and leading practices associated with responsible recruitment in US produce labor supply chains.

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A pioneering, fully-interactive online toolkit that equips labor providers, labor recruiters, in-house recruitment, and HR teams to recruit responsibly, enabling them to achieve business goals while delivering exceptional jobseeker and worker experience.

A global social compliance scheme for labor recruiters and providers whose objective is to drive responsible recruitment practice in supply chains.