Stronger Together US – Responsible Recruitment Program

A new multi-stakeholder collaborative program working to achieve a responsible recruitment marketplace within the US produce industry. The program is designed to equip employers and farm labor contractors with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to operate in a fair and transparent manner and improve the recruitment and employment experience for migrant workers.

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Working with stakeholders across the US produce industry, this program aims to ensure widespread responsible recruitment and a reduction in forced labor risks through:

  • Assessing the current situation through research and surveys to provide a deeper understanding of the recruitment experience for migrant workers and the current recruitment practices of employers and farm labor contractors
  • Engaging a range of stakeholders from across the US produce supply chain to stimulate discussion, form a knowledge hub for sharing good practices, and inform the ongoing development of program resources and tools
  • Developing and providing free practical training, downloadable guidance, and monitoring and evaluating tools to support employers and farm labor contractors in improving their recruitment and employment practices and understanding how to detect, prevent, and deal with forced labor
  • Informing and equipping migrant worker to know their rights and have access to remediation mechanisms.

The Stronger Together US – Responsible Recruitment Program has been funded by the Walmart Foundation.

Opportunities to get involved: 

Stronger Together invites stakeholders within the US produce industry and organizations working with migrant communities to get involved in a widely collaborative effort:

  • Roundtable discussions 

Join one of our multi-stakeholder round-tables, which brings together industry stakeholders to discuss and explore challenges and opportunities within an industry-wide approach to responsible recruitment.

  • Stakeholder forum 

Participate in our Stakeholder Forum on Responsible Recruitment to support the promotion of responsible recruitment by building awareness, dialogue, and furthering cooperation among stakeholders, and by contributing to this knowledge hub. Collaboratively shape ‘fit for purpose’ responsible recruitment management tools and methodologies, to improve business performance and improve the recruitment experience for migrant workers. Read the Stakeholder Forum Terms of Reference

  • Training and guidance 

Engage, inform and equip your suppliers and employees to raise the standard of recruitment and employment practices in their own organizations and labor supply chain. Farm labor contractors (FLCs) and employers will be invited to join expert training workshops on responsible recruitment and tackling forced labor, covering the business case for action as well as straightforward steps that they can implement. Also available will be free to download toolkits and online tools to build capability, self-assess and report progress across all areas of responsible recruitment and tackling forced labor.

  • Research and materials for migrant workers 

Partner with us on our research and survey work to understand the recruitment and employment experience of migrant workers, and/or our work to inform workers about their rights and how to seek remediation and support.

  • Certification for labor brokers 

Support the industry to embed responsible recruitment approaches, including partnering with us to pilot a social labor assurance certification for labor brokers.

Download our Stronger Together US Overview Leaflet for more information. 

More information

Upcoming event: Stronger Together US Responsible Recruitment Round Table Florida.

West Palm Beach, September 27th 2019, 9am-3:30pm.  

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For further information contact: [email protected] | +1 831-287-5535

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Tickets now available for our Responsible Recruitment Round Table, West Palm Beach, FL.

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