Stronger Together Receives Grant Funding from the Walmart Foundation to continue US Program to Motivate and Scale Responsible Recruitment

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US ag field

Since 2019, Stronger Together US has been active in the U.S. agricultural sector helping businesses implement, demonstrate, and oversee Responsible Recruitment practices that improve the recruitment experience and employment conditions for agricultural workers. We have collaborated with many organizations and individuals in the private sector, civil society, academia, and more, all with a common goal of reducing risks for workers and businesses across the labor supply chain. We are pleased to announce that Stronger Together US has received funding from the Walmart Foundation to continue the Responsible Recruitment program.

Over the past two and a half years, retailers, growers, Farm Labor Contractors (FLCs), and other members of the supply chain have joined the Stronger Together’s U.S. Stakeholder Forum for Responsible Recruitment for dialogue and driving action, attended capacity building trainings, used the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit online platform to assess and track their progress and recently, two FLCs became the first in the United States to receive Clearview certification.

“Stronger Together US has seen increased awareness from the private sector for the need to bring responsible recruitment to the forefront of sustainability and social responsibility agendas. Working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders we will continue to support and drive action on responsible recruitment across the labor supply chain,” said Jantine Werdmüller von Elgg, Managing Director at Stronger Together.

Together, we have made important strides but there is still much work to do to guarantee workers experience safe recruitment and secure employment. Stronger Together US will remain focused on supporting scalable models of responsible recruitment as well as strengthening market signals.

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