UK and Global Supplier support – COVID-19 management capacity building webinars

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During these globally challenging times, it is more important than ever to protect the health safety and livelihoods of workers in our global supply chain.

allianceHR, HCL and nGaje have worked together in collaboration with key partners to bring you the first webinars in a series of COVID-19-management online sessions. The aim of this series is to provide guidance and support to protect workers during this period of unprecedented change in which both people and businesses are vulnerable.

The first two free webinars in the series were:

Managing Labour Responsibly (UK & Global food producer, grower and farmer

The first session in our series of capacity-building webinars firstly highlighted the Guidance for Food Businesses on COVID-19 published by the UK government.

This session provides guidance for suppliers on practical and procedural steps to take to effectively manage their labour supply. Speakers cover a range of topics including the temporary licensing scheme introduced by the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), advice around the key workers status and how to carry out right to work checks during a pandemic.

Throughout the webinar, a number of suppliers share case studies of the action they have taken to adapt to the current situation to try and maintain business continuity whilst protecting workers.

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On-site health and safety management, accommodation and transport (UK and Global)

This informative session first and foremost reiterated advice published by Public Health England on what steps everyone should be taking to reduce the spread of the virus. Guidance for Employees, Employers and Businesses is available on the UK government’s website.

Global suppliers also offer practical case studies on the steps they have taken to protect their workers onsite, in worker accommodation and in worker transport.

Key case studies suggest steps such as:

  • Adapting working environments to promote social distancing and good hygiene
  • Regular communications to all workers to ensure they understand the procedures and why they have been taken
  • Ensuring guidance is accessible to workers in multiple languages and/or through the use of pictures
  • Supporting staff to stay onsite where possible to reduce their need to go off site
  • Ensuring the maintenance of ongoing health and safety to ensure vital processes are not overlooked during this time.

In addition, the webinar also offers useful national and international resources for managing COVID-19 on sites and a number of questions from participants were posed to the panel.

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