Eliminating Recruitment Fees

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Momentum to promote responsible recruitment is growing and organisations are particularly focusing on the issue of recruitment fees in order to reduce the risks of modern slavery in their supply chains.

There is growing recognition that the practice of charging fees to workers is exploitative and can lead to situations of debt bondage and forced labour. Indeed, according to the UN-backed Alliance 8.7, “debt bondage, through the manipulation of debt by employers or recruiting agents affected more than half of all victims of forced labour exploitation”.  In response, more and more businesses and industry groups are making public commitments on eliminating worker-paid recruitment fees, including through:

  • The Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment’s Employer Pays Principle which stipulates that ‘No worker should pay for a job – the costs of recruitment should be borne not by the worker but by the employer.’
  • The Consumer Goods Forum Priority Industry Principles which stipulate that:
    • Every worker should have freedom of movement
    • No worker should pay for a job
    • No worker should be indebted or coerced to work.

Furthermore, in its recently published report ‘Modern slavery reporting: Is there evidence of progress?’, Ergon Associates found responsible recruitment is an emerging focus for big businesses in tackling modern slavery. According to one online retailer “The focus on modern slavery in general has allowed us to identify gaps in our own policies and issues such as the Employer Pays Principle that are not covered by standard Codes”.

To support businesses to embed responsible recruitment practices, our sister programme, ResponsibleRecruitmentToolkit.org, has recently launched four flagship training sessions, one of which focuses on Eliminating Recruitment Fees.

Eliminating Recruitment Fees webinar

This webinar has been designed to equip brands, in-house recruiters, temporary labour users and labour providers with practical steps to eradicate the charging of fees to workers in both their operations and supply chains.

The training will cover:

  • The importance of eliminating recruitment fees
  • What constitutes a recruitment fee
  • Practical steps to eliminate recruitment fees
  • And what to do if recruitment fees are uncovered

Find out more and book your webinar.

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