Case Studies for H-2A Employers

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We are pleased to share a new resource for businesses that are seeking to raise their awareness and understanding of responsible recruitment practices of H-2A farmworkers through the study of eight unique real-life cases.

Describing real situations that farm labor contractors (FLC) in the fresh produce and wine grapes sector have faced, each case study includes the situation, the challenge, and considerations for a resolution.

Available to download for free, the resource can be used to support training of staff and/or business partners, as well as internal reviews of policies and procedures.

Businesses are signposted to expert guidance and practical steps to support them to prepare for and deal with similar situations as well as align to leading industry practices via the Responsible Recruitment Toolkit (RRT) online tool (free subscriptions available for eligible* businesses).

CLICK HERE to download now!

Would you like to contribute to future case studies? Please email

*Eligible businesses include farm labor contractors, labor recruiters, growers, vendors, shippers, packers, brands and retailers based in, and operating within the United States (US) fresh produce or wine grapes sector.

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