Are you ready for Anti-Slavery Day?

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Tuesday 18 October is Anti-Slavery Day across the UK and Europe. Join in with us during 17-23 October and make a clear demonstration to your colleagues and customers of the action your organisation is taking towards eradicating forced labour.

Taken from the Global Estimates on Modern Slavery (2021) by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Walk Free, and the Organization for Migration (IOM)

What is Anti-Slavery Day?

In 2010, an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom introduced a national day to raise awareness of the need to eradicate all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. Today, we continue to raise awareness of the issue, highlight good practice and shine a spotlight on new guidance available to support businesses.

How can your organisation get involved?

  • Download our resources, which are all available for free. There are toolkits, checklists, posters, videos and more, accessible in over 30 different languages!

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