Stronger Together wins a Lotus Award 2018

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We are pleased to announce that Stronger Together has won a Lotus Award for Sustainability. The Lotus Awards are a unique concept recognising great workplaces by celebrating what makes them unique. 2018 saw nearly 300 entries for Culture and Sustainability, and Stronger Together is delighted to be amongst the winners for 2018.

Stronger Together was recognised for it’s achievements in gaining significant traction in engaging businesses in reducing slavery in their supply chains including*:

  • Over 7,445 industry representatives have registered to access the free resources for use within their organisations.
  • Over 3,350 individuals from over 1,290 businesses have attended a tacking modern slavery workshop and committed to take the Stronger Together message to an estimated 790,000 workers.
  • An Independent Impact Assessment conducted last year measured the impact of the programme from Oct 2013 – Sept 2017 amongst UK consumer goods suppliers. Key findings were that being involved in Stronger Together:
    • Increased their knowledge and understanding of what modern slavery is (96%).
    • Helped them prepare and understand how to manage potential situations of forced labour (87%).
    • Resulted in their senior management making a commitment to tackle modern slavery in their business and supply chain (72%).
    • Surveys measure the impact of our workshops, for instance, 100% of participants said that they would recommend the construction workshop to a colleague or business associate.
  • In 2017, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), Stronger Together launched a specialist, in-depth industry programme supporting construction companies in tackling modern slavery.
  • In 2017 Stronger Together was awarded funding from the Home Office Modern Slavery Innovation Fund to roll out Stronger Together’s model for change in South Africa. The global supply chain programme is aimed at tackling forced labour and exploitation in the fruit and wine producing industries in South Africa and delivered in partnership with local partner organisations.
  • The UK Government Modern Slavery Industry Factsheets signpost businesses to the Stronger Together programme “For advice on how you can avoid employing victims of trafficking and how you can help ensure your supply chain is slave free”.

The diversity and quality of the winners is the reason why we started the Lotus Awards, it’s great to see so many organisations constantly striving to improve, hopefully, The Lotus Awards provides a platform to inspire other organisations. James Murphy, Founder The Lotus Awards.


*Numbers from March 2018

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