Slavery in Supply Chains

June 30, 2014 1:37 pm, Published by , Comments Off on Slavery in Supply Chains

The government has indicated that the new Modern Slavery Bill will not ask companies to report how they are tackling forced labour in their supply chains because it could be too much of a burden.  Instead it intends “to build on the existing legislative framework, and work with business to establish what more can be done to raise awareness among their workforce and their sub-contractors, and develop an evidence base on best practice.”

ALP Director David Camp comments, “The Government has made the wrong call here. If the UK is serious about being a world leader in combatting modern day slavery then parliament should do its best to rectify this omission. Those companies that are striving to effectively counter slavery in their supply chains should not be undercut by those that turn a blind eye.”

Frank Field, chairman of the joint committee that scrutinised the draft bill said the lack of measures “effectively to counter slavery in companies’ supply chains is such a serous omission that parliament must do its best to rectify”.

The Home Office said it takes the issue extremely seriously and has not ruled out legislating to make reporting requirements tougher for companies.

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