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  • Template Remediation Policy

  • Remediation Reporting Tool

  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Suppliers

  • Eliminating Recruitment and Employments Fees Charged to Workers Guide

  • Employer Good Practice Implementation Checklist

  • Template Employer Pays Principle and Repayment of Recruitment Fees Policy for Brands/Retailers

  • Labour Provider Implementation Interactive Checklist

  • Straightforward Preventing Forced Labour Guidelines for Smaller Businesses

  • Monitoring “Alert Flags” – Checklist of Potential Indicators of Worker Exploitation

  • What do I need to do – Employer and Labour Provider Checklist

  • Stronger Together – Guidance for Farms

  • Template Recruiter Compliance Principles

  • Template Policy on Forced Labour

  • Template Policy on Ethical Trading

  • Template Risk Scorecard for Supply Chains

  • Template Risk Screening Tool

  • Template Record of Potential Third Party Exploitation

  • Responsible Recruitment policies for brands, retailers, suppliers, recruiters and labour providers

  • Worker Induction Template – PowerPoint

  • Multi-Language A4 Worker Poster – Republic of Ireland in English, Romanian, Russian

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  • Multi-language A4 Worker Poster in English, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian

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  • Multi-language A4 Worker Leaflet in English, Bulgarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian & Slovakian

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