Prominent businesses and partner organisation join Stronger Together Italy wine programme

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The “Stronger Together Italy Wine Programme” was launched in January 2023,  to help Italian wineries prevent, identify and effectively remedy labour exploitation. The programme is sponsored by Alko, Systembolaget and Vinmonopolet, and delivered in partnership with Equalitas: the environmental, economic and social certification standard of the wine chain in Italy and beyond.  

Delegates attending a workshop earlier this year

The launch of the programme followed activities in 2022. The programme  is aimed at supporting all Italian wine-growing companies and their labour providers who want to undertake or have already undertaken a path to guarantee responsible recruitment and fair work for all those who work internally in the company or along the supply chain. 

In 2020, inspection activities carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate and the Carabinieri of the Labour Protection Command found irregularities in 54% of the companies in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector, with an 11% increase compared to 2012. As reported by the Altro Diritto Institute and the Italian trade union FLAI-CGIL, with the rise of risks and cases of exploitation and forced labour nationally and globally, embedding responsible recruitment and fair work practices has become increasingly important.1

To help companies deal with these risks, Stronger Together has developed a series of expert-led workshops and practical resources such as the “Toolkit for recruitment and fair work in the Italian wine sector”.

The Toolkit is free to download here and helps companies understand the extent of the problem and provides the tools needed to implement responsible recruitment and offer work that is fair and free from exploitation.

The Toolkit also includes a “Verification and Implementation Checklist”. The steps in this Checklist are based on a six-step approach:

  1. Commit
  2. Evaluate
  3. Take Action
  4. Respond and Remedy
  5. Monitor
  6. Communicate.

For each of these six phases, you will find steps to complete and related resources to adapt to your business. 

Here you can find all the resources we have developed to help companies effectively prevent, detect and remedy labour exploitation, both in own operations and along the supply chain. 

“I’m very satisfied with the workshop and the resources developed, which I found very exhaustive.” 

“A great start. Let’s make these workshops resonate more. We need to increase awareness in the wine sector.” 

Course Participants

Italian wine businesses can find out more and register here to participate in our workshops. More dates will be added soon. 

We welcome more businesses in the Italian wine supply chain, including retailers, brands, importers, suppliers and others to join as Programme Sponsor. Contact to find out more about the benefits. 

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