Would you like an affordable, independent verification of your company’s progress in tackling modern slavery to share internally and beyond? And clarity on the next steps to take?

Stronger Together’s, two-day supportive and participatory assessment analyses gaps, reports your business’ strengths and provides you with detailed recommendations and action plans to support your organisational improvement.

The ground breaking assessments are delivered by Stronger Together trained and approved business and human rights expert consultants to provide independent verification of your company’s progress in tackling modern slavery.

You will receive an overview report with progress scores across all policies and practices your business has in place to tackle modern slavery using a “UN Guiding Principles” approach, as well as  detailed expert recommendations to support step by step change and ongoing continuous improvement.

The assessments are available for:

Businesses of any size, in any sector that want an independent assessment of their performance and progress in tackling modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

100% of businesses that have completed the OPA recommend it!

The assessment will benefit your business by:

  • Providing an affordable, expert assessment of your organisation’s performance in tackling modern slavery in both your business and your supply chain
  • Identifying strengths, gaps and areas for improvement to inform your future strategy and actions on tackling modern slavery
  • Helping to engage and gain support in tackling modern slavery from senior management and other business functions not typically focused on ethical requirements
  • Enabling you to easily demonstrate progress made to your clients and to reflect in Modern Slavery Statements.

Booking an assessment:

Depending on your organisation’s needs, the OPA can be delivered face-to-face or as a remote service. For further information on booking an organisational performance assessment please contact us at info@stronger2gether.org.

If you have taken initial steps to tackle modern slavery within your business and supply chain but need guidance on how to go further, want to gain buy-in from management and the rest of the business and want to demonstrate impact and improvement to customers then the OPA is an effective solution for you.

Download the OPA flyer to find out more and share with your colleagues.