New Roundup 15th June 2015

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A quick look at some of the stories of modern slavery and hidden labour exploitation that made the headlines this week.

UK News

Four on trial over human trafficking into Tilbury Docks
ITV report on the trial of four alleged members of a human trafficking ring.

Forced labour gang convicted after violently forcing a man to commit crimes and work without pay
Four people have been sentenced for a series of forced labour offences, reports

Appeal for anonymous slavery caller to speak up 
The South Wales Argus reported on the news that Gwent police are appealing for an anonymous caller who has information on slavery and forced labour in the area to call back.

Trio charged after investigation into human trafficking
Three people have been charged following an investigation by police in Bolton into reports of human trafficking and modern slavery. Reported on the website for Greater Manchester Police.

International News

Web tool targets slavery, child labor in supply chain
The Wall Street Journal ran a feature on a new corporate web service that aims to warn companies when they’re at risk of buying from suppliers that use slave or child labour

The unacceptably high cost of labour – how a deeper drive into our supply chain led to a new Migrant Worker Standard features a blog that talks about the changes outdoor clothing company Patagonia have made in their supply chain and how they are sharing their recommended standards with other companies that want to eradicate modern slavery by their suppliers.

European banks join drive to combat human trafficking using data
Reuters reports on work by leading financial institutions in Europe that uses data to spot irregular banking transactions that could identify criminal activity.

Niger signs up to end modern slavery 
The International Labour Organisation reports that Niger has ratified the 2014 Protocol to the 1930 ILO Forced Labour Convention as part of a renewed global effort to eradicate modern slavery.

World day against child labour 2015: Facts and figures about children in forced labour
The International Business Times looks at the global extent of child labour and its impact.

All countries should ratify ILO protocol against forced labour: Kailash Satyarthi reports on Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s call to all countries to ratify an International Labour Organisation (ILO) protocol against forced labour and ensure inclusion of the goal of abolition of child slavery in the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Don’t be fooled by the new legislation, our fight against modern slavery isn’t over
The New Statesman looks at the UK’s Modern Slavery Bill and the supply chain amendment.

Conference: Severe Labour Exploitation in the EU
Webcast from the European Council.

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