Forced Labour in the UK

July 7, 2014 1:45 pm, Published by , Comments Off on Forced Labour in the UK

A round-up of evidence from the JRF forced labour programme (2010-14) has been published, alongside an update of research on forced labour in Northern Ireland.  The round-up finds:

  • forced labour cannot be stamped out by a single intervention or regulation – it requires a cross-government approach to ensure a level playing field for business, decent employment for workers, strong law enforcement, and protection and redress for all victims of modern slavery;
  • the growth of forced labour has coincided with changes in the nature of the UK’s labour market. Increasing casualisation of jobs and longer supply chains within big companies have led to greater potential for workers to be exploited;
  • forced labour is not confined to serious organised crime or individual criminals. Rather, the underlying issues are with the methods of business operation, supply chain management and the regulatory framework within which employers and labour suppliers operate.

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