Tailored Online Training Now Available for 3 High Risk Industries

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Businesses working in manufacturing, agriculture and fishing and aquaculture can now benefit from specialised e-learning modules, providing a flexible and effective training solution. Equipping staff to detect, deter and deal with forced labour is a significant, yet easily attainable step through our e-learning training – request a free trial.

Developed with Eukleia and industry experts, the new sector-specific ‘Tackling Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains’ e-learning courses, are available for these high risk industries:


  • Manufacturing
  • Fishing and Aquaculture
  • Agriculture





Sectors are identified as having a high risk of exploitation in their supply chain due to several factors including: complex supply chains; frequency of irregular work patterns (temporary/seasonal) and reliance on unskilled migrant workers. Recent estimates from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) suggest 24.9 million people are in situations of forced labour globally. The scale and complexity of forced labour makes uncovering and preventing it in global supply chains increasingly difficult. However, businesses are facing growing pressure to demonstrate they are implementing effective measures to reduce the risk of modern slavery and forced labour.

For responsible businesses training staff on forced labour is a key step that they can take to minimise the risk of exploitation in their supply chain. By the end of each of the 30/45 minute courses, learners will be able to:

  • Understand what modern slavery, forced labour and hidden labour exploitation are
  • Know how to recognise the signs that someone may be being exploited and how to respond
  • Understand how to start taking preventative action to minimise the risk of forced labour within their organisation.

Available off-the-shelf or bespoke, and with a variety of licencing options, the e-learning modules deliver an affordable and flexible method of training staff at their own pace and location. The content is streamed with specific sections for the job roles including: senior management, site manager, supervisor and worker. Knowledge tests throughout reinforce understanding and printable worksheets are available on completion to ensure key information is easily accessible.

Find out more about our range of e-learning modules and request a free trial here.

Stronger Together provides specialist guidance, expert training, free resources and a network for employers, labour providers, workers and their representatives to equip businesses to take action to reduce modern slavery and forced labour. Find out more about our different programmes here.

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