Collaboration is key- a reflection on Anti Slavery Week

October 27, 2023 11:23 am, Published by , Leave your thoughts

As part of UK/EU Anti-Slavery Week, we asked businesses and recruiters to share collages of their workforce, showing solidarity in tackling modern slavery together and continuing to raise awareness of labour exploitation.

With thanks to Hovis Ltd, Jade Hawksworth and Sam Bishop for giving us permission to share this collage.

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response we received. A record number of businesses shared our messages and infographics, even creating their own posts to highlight and raise awareness of modern slavery in their sectors, operations and supply chains.

Sponsors of our Responsible Recruitment and Consumer Goods programme HireGenics shared this collage:

With thanks to HireGenics UK for giving us permission to share this collage.

Now more than ever, awareness is needed to combat modern slavery. Our main message we shared over the course of Anti-Slavery Week this year was that ‘one person can make a difference’. We can do this through collaboration, together.

Visit our LinkedIn page to see other examples of collages we’ve shared on our feed, or we’ve been tagged in. We look forward to more businesses joining us in our vision towards a future free from exploitation; not just during Anti-Slavery Week 2024, but every day.

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With thanks to the individuals and organisations for allowing their content to be shared.  


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