Organisation : Pro-Force Limited
Site : Head Office
Business type : Labour Provider
Business Partner Commitments Evidence of Implementation

1. Has developed and implemented a “Tackling Modern Slavery” Policy addressing risks within the business which demonstrates a collaborative approach to work together with employee representatives.

Upload your management team agreed “Tackling Modern Slavery” Policy addressing hidden exploitation risks within the business:


2. Has appointed a senior management team member with overall responsibility for implementing the site “Tackling Modern Slavery” policy and good practice who has attended the Stronger Together Tackling Modern Slavery in UK Businesses workshop.

Manager Name: Siobhan Marsh
Job Title: Compliance Manager
Workshop date attended: 2015-05-06

3. Has implemented a significant element of the Stronger Together tackling hidden labour exploitation good practice; displays the Stronger Together workplace posters at relevant site locations and is issuing the Stronger Together worker leaflets to all workers and (via the labour provider) to agency workers.

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Upload workplace posters photo evidenceView
Confirm leaflets issued to workers: Yes
Confirm leaflets issued to agency workers: Yes
Please describe any other initiatives you have implemented :
Implementing employee & manager training, worker notification through induction, toolbox talks, working with existing clients to promote good practices

4. Has incorporated a session on tackling hidden labour exploitation including the Stronger Together video into inductions for new staff and agency workers (via the labour provider).

Upload evidence that a session on Stronger Together is included in new starter inductions


5. Has an ongoing programme to brief existing managers, supervisors, workers and agency workers (via the labour provider) on tackling hidden labour exploitation including the Stronger Together video.

Number of workers at your site that have heard the Stronger Together message? All workers

6. Has confirmed that, throughout its labour supply chain, workers and jobseekers are not charged directly or indirectly any fees or costs for work-finding services. See GLA Brief 38 - Job finding fees and providing additional services

Upload policy document or agreement with supply chain that specifies this.


Please describe how this has been achieved: Worker interviews to ensure no work finding fees are charged, trusted supply chain partners, training for all staff and management.

7. Encourages workers to report cases of hidden third party labour exploitation that occur at work and within their communities through appropriate channels and act on reports appropriately.

Please describe how this has been achieved: Posters, leaflets, induction, online worker communication area & On-Site Drop Boxes for confidential anonymous disclosure opportunities

8. a:Has joined Stronger Together Social Media groups.

Twitter@S2G_UK -

b: Has nominated a “Stronger Together Advocate” to present “Tackling Hidden Labour Exploitation” to clients, business and migrant worker community.

c: Upload details of events that your site has organised to tackle hidden labour exploitation.

a: Have you joined social media groups? Yes
b: Please state the name of your Stronger Together AdvocateSiobhan Marsh