Stronger Together offers in-house training (in person and online) and consultancy services to meet your organization’s specific needs, and support you to tackle modern day slavery within your business and supply chains. Our training and support are delivered in any business, in any sector, in any country, by our network of expert trainers, consultants and lawyers.

Training and consultancy services available include:

Strategy and policy development

  • Director and senior manager facilitation in developing a human rights strategy
  • Review existing and/or develop new employee, supplier, subcontractors and other business partner policies in relation to no forced labor  
  • Support in operationalizing these strategies and policies. 

Training and capacity building

  • Interactive online workshops help teams understand and address forced labor and hidden labor exploitation risks, while activating responsible recruitment practices in business and supply chain activities. 
  • Assessing the training needs of a team, creating customized onboarding and staff training programs tailored to their specific context. It can also involve developing materials such as videos and e-learning modules for internal use and management. 

Identifying and assessing risk

  • Develop screening and risk mapping to identify high risk industry sectors, activities, country, region and spend suppliers
  • Technological solutions to create multi-tier supply chain and stakeholder maps 
  • Reviewing effectiveness of existing due diligence processes
  • Development of supplier audit processes to assess operational indicators of forced labor.

Taking action by implementing

  • Proactive steps to recognize and demonstrate good practices in responsible recruitment  
  • Proactive steps to prevent hidden labor exploitation within your business 
  • Proactive steps to prevent forced labor and child labor in your supply chains 
  • Collaborative supplier engagement programs 
  • Responsible recruitment and fair hiring initiatives throughout the supply chain 
  • Proactive steps to enable workers’ voice and provide access to remedy. 

Monitoring and communicating effectiveness

  • Advice on developing key performance indicators to measure outcomes and effectiveness in human rights due diligence 
  • Review and support in the development of company ESG/CSR/human rights reports and statements. 

We are here to help get you started. Email and we will discuss your particular needs and how we may support you.